Aujas US

An IDG Ventures Company

Why Work with Us?

Aujas USSecurity threats can ruin your day – not to mention your bottom line. Turn to Aujas for real world solutions with bottom-line impact.

Intelligent solutions to information risk. Aujas information risk management consultants work with your management team to align information risk with business initiatives, so that security becomes a business driver and a competitive advantage rather than a financial burden for your company. Our holistic approach focuses on your fundamental business issues and how they interrelate with risk mitigation strategy, governance, compliance, and other key strategic information issues.

Security for your complex operations. Whether your company conducts business across the US or around the world, your operations are complex – and so are the constantly evolving threats and changing risk landscape. Aujas offers a service portfolio that addresses such complexity by integrating strategic consulting capabilities with implementation and integration, plus information assurance and audit functions.

Trust our experience. The typical internal information risk team is stretched so thin, crucial risk areas can often be undermanaged. At Aujas, information risk management is our passion. Our seasoned experts are committed to staying up-to-the-minute on cyber-risk theory and practice. We have the knowledge and resources to act quickly and decisively to provide integrated threat mitigation around the globe. Aujas is backed by the strength and financial depth of IDG, a global company well-known in the IT media space for its thought leadership and CIO, CEO and CXO magazines as well as niche publications such as Computer World.

Protect data. Protect processes. Protect business. Every system has its vulnerabilities, is prone to risk and could be exploited through voluntary or involuntary disclosure, espionage or leakage. Aujas consultants utilize the diagnostics and controls that safeguard your sensitive data and proprietary processes. What’s more, through our innovative Emerging Offering Services, we help clients prepare for the next generation of threats with effective management and mitigation processes.

Compliance with relevant security regulations. Today, organizations like yours face a multifaceted regulatory maze. We make it our business to stay current and ensure that our clients’ processes and procedures comply with relevant security regulations and policies. We also provide audit capabilities so that you can get a third-party view of your company’s compliance efforts so that you manage both regulatory risk and your compliance spend optimally.

Protection for your data processes – and bottom line. If information leaks or key systems are compromised, your company could be out of operation for crucial hours – perhaps days – negatively impacting your production processes, client relationships, revenue. This ultimately erodes your bottom line and puts you at a competitive disadvantage. Aujas assesses your risks and works with your team to proactively manage your entire information ecosystem – from business processes through IT systems.

Cost control. When you hire Aujas, your costs are under control. Our Managed Information Risk Services team assists clients in day-to-day information security management. From providing security information and event management to running your company’s information security office or ongoing compliance, we’ve got you covered.

Rapid response for less.  With operations around the globe, Aujas works for its clients around the clock. Our global delivery model allows us to provide the fast and cost effective solutions that our clients have come to expect.

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