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Aujas Mobile Security Services

Mobile securityAccording to Gartner, by 2013 mobile phones will overtake PCs as the most common web access device worldwide. By 2014, there will be over 3 billion mobile users in the world. As mobile data usage grows, service providers are offering innovative mobile services that are convenient, fast and easy to use. More mobile applications are being built across multiple platforms and for multiple domains.

As the world becomes increasingly mobile, security breaches will become far more common. Threats span the entire mobile ecosystem including:

  • Telecom service providers
  • Mobile equipment manufacturers
  • Web application service providers
  • Mobile Value Added Services (VAS)
  • Mobile payment providers/banks

Aujas Mobile Security Services assist service providers in recognizing and avoiding security pitfalls that exist in the mobile ecosystem and in addressing security problems when they arise. Our services help eliminate:

  • Fraudulent transactions through mobile applications
  • Identity theft (user details, PIN, etc)
  • Communications service misuse
  • Enterprise data leakage through mobile devices and applications
  • Attacks based on USSD and DSTK applications

Our mobile security services include:

  • Mobile Application Security
    • Mobile Application Code Review
    • Mobile Application Threat Modelling
    • Mobile Application Security Testing
  • Mobile Application Store Security
    • Internet Application Security
    • Third Party Apps Security
    • Open APIs – Access Layer Security
  • Mobile Payment Services/Mobile Banking Security
    • Mobile Payment Application Security Testing
    • Mobile Payment Gateways Security Testing
    • Mobile Payment Services Component Security Testing
  • Mobile SIM Card Application Security
    • DSTK Application Security Testing
    • USSD Application Security Testing
    • SIM Card Access Layer Security Testing
For more information about Aujas services, please contact Karl Kispert, Aujas VP of Business Development, at

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