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Aujas Phishing Diagnostic Services

Phishing Increasingly sophisticated phishing attacks can expose your company’s sensitive information to malicious outsiders – and you may not even know it. This sensitive information may include custodial data (customer, health, credit or other personally identifiable data) or corporate secrets (trade secrets, business plans, sales forecasts etc.) which if compromised, may lead to brand/reputation loss or significant financial damage for your company.

While there are products and services to address the process and technology aspects of phishing, there are few solutions that address ‘People Risk’ proactively. Organizations like yours face an uphill battle in monitoring the preparedness of employees towards phishing.

The Aujas Phishing Diagnostic Solution enables organizations to evaluate how well employees deal with social engineering attacks. It also provides a prioritized remediation plan to mitigate possible threats from such attacks.

The Aujas Phishing Diagnostic includes:

  • Assisting your organization in quantifying the potential risks associated with phishing
  • Providing flexible reporting capabilities with integration back into your organization’s key performance indicator framework
  • Developing a road map for focusing on security awareness and training within your organization
  • Identifying weaknesses within people, process and technology links, allowing prioritization of  your remediation efforts through effective benchmarking, and maturity analysis

Here’s what one client had to say about the Phishing Diagnostic:

“We wanted to understand how our employees would react to a Phishing attack and the solution provided by Aujas was exactly what we were looking for. We realized after Aujas conducted the Phishing Diagnostic, we had a user awareness risk and was able to focus our training on specific groups of individuals. The professionalism that the Aujas team demonstrated and the value that they provided certainly demonstrated for us the Return on Investment we were looking for.” VP – Security of a leading US Bank.

More about the Aujas Phishing Diagnostic Solution.

Please contact Karl Kispert at to learn how the Aujas Phishing Diagnostic Services can help you address phishing risks for your company.

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